Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring 2013 Study Schedule for The Book of Ruth

Our Spring Precept class will be studying the book of Ruth beginning April 10th. We'll be meeting from 6:00 - 8:00 pm every Wednesday night at Country Oaks Baptist Church in the staff conference room. Please see Angi Wiggins in the church office if you need a copy of the study or I will have some in the classroom.

If you're new to Precept Studies, please read the links above for "Study Supplies", "Study Tips", and "Resources". These will help you to get started. If you find you need additional help, I'll be glad to meet with you after the first study.

Just an additional note... this study will incorporate Cross Referencing and Word Study Skills, but no Stucturing.

Here is our week by week study plan...

Apr. 10: Ruth Chapters 1-2: 
• Before Class - Complete Week 1, Days 1-3
• In Class - Discussion & Prayer

Apr. 17: Ruth Chapters 3-4: 
• Before Class - Complete Week 1, Days 4-5
• In Class - Discussion, Prayer, & DVD Lecture

Apr. 24:  Leviticus Chapters 25: 
• Before Class - Complete Week 2, Days 1-3
• In Class - Discussion & Prayer

May 1: 
NO CLASS - AWANA Awards Night

May 8: Various Scriptures 
• Before Class - Complete Week 2, Days 4-5
• In Class - Discussion, Prayer, & DVD Lecture

May 15: Various Scriptures: 

• Before Class - Complete Week 3, Days 1-3
• In Class - Discussion & Prayer

May22: Various Scriptures 
• Before Class - Complete Week 3, Days 4-5
• In Class - Discussion, Prayer, & DVD Lecture

Get ready... this study is going to be a ride! You're going to GROW Girls! 

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