Study Tips

Setting Up Your Notebook For Studying

• Use the cover of the Bible Study for the cover of your notebook - just slide it into the front sleeve if you have one.
• Place each week behind a separate divider. Do the same for the observation sheets and appendix.
• Save the bookmark from the back of your study and place it the front of your study in the three ring binder. It already has holes punched for you.
• Behind the last tab, place your key word symbol marking guide. I like to put these in plastic sleeves first.
• Add your pencil bag with remaining supplies and your ready to go!

PLEASE READ Before Beginning!

• Use both Micron marking pens and colored pencils:
      Micron marking pens are good for small details
     Colored pencils are good for coloring in symbols and larger markings
• When making the text of the Bible, use the Observation Sheets first and then transfer it to your Bible later if you desire. You'll make mistakes when starting out and you won't want to mess up your Bible!
• Don't over mark! In the beginning, ONLY MARK WHAT THE STUDY GUIDE TELLS YOU TO MARK. If you mark too much, you'll mark something intended for the next day's study. Another caveat, if your observation sheet gets too busy, you may miss out on the big picture!
• Keep color themes when possible (NOT A REQUIREMENT). I tend to use...
      Purple for things related to God
      Blue for things related to man
      Green for earth, time, creation, land, anything geography related such as    
       places, etc.
      Red or black for sin, evil, etc.
      Orange for significant words, word studies, etc.
• Use your small ruler! Especially for underlining large portions. It helps keep things neat and easier to read.
• Mark off your study time on your calendar! Set an appointment to study!
• Always begin your study time with PRAYER. Ask God to help you understand what He is communicating in Scripture and for insights in applying what you are learning to your life.
• Read the ENTIRE QUESTION before you begin to write! The study guide will often clarify, give you tips, and sometimes, even help you get started!